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UX Design: The User’s Champion

By Cory Johnson · February 13, 2018

Like any design practice user experience (UX) design does not come with a fixed set of rules or tools. Instead, it is a series of ideas developed by designers and developers in the information technology industry – each of which can be used in appropriate circumstances to improve user experience.

Creating a Static WordPress Website on App Engine

By Cory Johnson · October 05, 2017

There are many reasons why someone might want to use WordPress to create a static website.

Keeping Your Mailing List Happy, Through Preventing Unsubscribes

By Cory Johnson · September 15, 2017

Mailing lists are an invaluable tool for engaging with your customers, and it is essential that you adapt to their individual needs to make the most out of the relationship.

Allowing Users to Format Their Data

By Cory Johnson · September 14, 2017

Keeping users happy and free from frustration is, or at least should be, the goal of any designer. Why then, are we often faced with form entry that forces us to enter in a specific format or asks for seemingly irrelevant information?