Cory Johnson

User Interface Specialist

20+ years of experience designing and building User Interfaces - from wireframes & prototypes to final coding using HTML5, responsive CSS & JavaScript

About me


I have over 20 years of commercial IT experience, including more than 17 years in web technologies, managing, designing, developing and documenting websites and web applications.

My career includes working in diverse sectors including travel, digital agency, consumer products, finance, e-learning, government, project management, gaming and video on demand services.

I am university educated separately in Computer Science, Marketing and Design, having studied in Auckland and Sydney.

I consider myself to be technology agnostic and although I have experience in all aspects of web technology, my current focus is helping to deliver a good User Experience (UX) through building responsive web interfaces using browser based technologies.


Although originally from New Zealand, I have lived for extended periods in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Manchester, Brighton, Amsterdam and Utrecht.

I am currently learning Spanish (B2 level) and am also a qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher.

Some of my guiding philosophies

Simple can be better

It's often all too easy to be distracted by new technology or personal preferences and let these get in the way of delivering the intended message or function. I follow the KISS principle.

Don't take things personally

What works for me may not work for someone else. Taking feedback helps to hone an experience to as broad an audience as possible. I follow the Lean UX methodology.

The big picture matters

As much as I pride myself in being pixel perfect, it is also important to be aware of other aspects of a project, including from a business perspective. I keep To-Do lists.

Be pragmatic

Each project is different and requires a different approach. A short-term campaign micro-site will need a different strategy to a product that requires ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

An overview of my work

The following is a sample of the companies that I have produced web based work for. Explore to see what I did for each. I have additionally worked for various online agencies including Tribal DDB, SapientNitro, Brass Agency and FullSix.